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Availability & Price
Format2x CD
GenreAlternative Rock
Catalog NumberBB 32
Release Date08/28/2009
The Bureau B label reissues the fifth album by longest-running German electro-pop band, Camouflage, including an entire bonus CD of groundbreaking bonus tracks. Camouflage were originally founded in 1984 and are one of the few German bands to have been musically successful at home and abroad for the last couple of decades. The Great Commandment (1987) and Love Is A Shield (1989) were actually worldwide hits. After four albums, Camouflage felt it was time to experiment. This phase reached its zenith with this album -- the most daring, most interesting work they ever released. Electropop tracks sit side-by-side with hypnotic, repetitive, spherical tracks which give a taste of what follows on the bonus disc. The bonus CD contains 14 tracks, 11 of which have never before seen the light of day. Unlike any of their other productions, Spice Crackers drew heavily on extravagant live sessions and bold experimentation. Countless tapes and DATs mounted up, of which only a fraction made it onto the final album. Yet amongst the "rejects" were genuine pearls of '90s electronic music (dub techno, downbeat, electronica, IDM, ambient), evoking memories of the golden age of German electronic creativity, the 1970s. This is no ordinary bonus CD, it is an important, integral element of the re-release.
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