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FormatVinyl Maxi (12")
Catalog NumberXL 534
Release Date09/27/2019
From "How Jai Paul Reshaped Popular Music" via Vulture: "Jai Paul's 2007 demo version of "BTSTU" first caught fire in 2010, when music blogs discovered it on his MySpace page. The song quickly made the rounds online; its watery dynamics, effortless melodies, and iconic "don't fuck with me" falsetto vocal made clear that Paul was as iconoclastic as he was gifted. "BTSTU" received an official release on XL Records in April of 2011, titled "BTSTU (Edit)." It continued blowing up online and on British radio, where Zane Lowe declared it the Hottest Record in the World. A month later, Drake released year." Two years later, after the universally acclaimed release of a follow up single "Jasmine" and at the peak of anticipation for his official debut, an unauthorized collection of Jai Paul demos was released on Bandcamp. In the wake of the leak, Jai Paul retreated from the public eye until earlier this year. Previously only available on CDR promo and in limited quantities on the relaunched, 2011 classic BTSTU comes to shops for the first time. Remastered for 2019 on Vinyl. Design by Jai Paul.
Track listings
Media 1
1. BTSTU (DEMO)3:40
2. BTSTU (EDIT)3:29
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