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FormatVinyl Single (7")
GenreAlternative Rock
Catalog NumberLOV 88
Release Date11/23/2015
While working on the layout for the reissue of Frodus' final LP, And We Washed Our Weapons in the Sea, guitarist/vocalist Shelby Cinca stumbled onto a note that bassist Nathan Burke had given to him in 2001. The letter contained thoughts around a possible Frodus reunion and about Weapons, which had - after a long delay - only just then been released. Along with the letter was a tape, which contained Burke's cover of the early Frodus tune, "Tzo Boy," which he had recorded on a four-track in 1995, two years before joining the band. Nathan's rendition takes a grungey teenage Frodus song and turns it into a heartfelt shoegaze gem, with the last lyrics hauntingly ringing, "I'm never coming back.". That song and letter provide the A-side and cover art of this single. The B-side is a demo of the Weapons track, "There Will Be No More Scum," which was recorded at the legendary Pirate House in Washington, DC by Juan Carrera. It's a raw and intense take on the song, put to tape a year before the sessions for the full-length. This 7" is a must for Frodus completists, as it closes out the story of this era of Frodus and reveals heart-felt inner workings of the band as they truly washed their weapons in the sea.
Track listings
Media 1
1. TZO BOY '95
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