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FormatVinyl Single (7")
GenreAlternative Rock
Catalog NumberNER 11
Release Date02/15/2019
Black vinyl, large center hole, limited to 150 copies. Genre: Garage Rock, Blues Rock, Rock N' Roll Short History of the band: The band is founded by Dave Morrison in Detroit, Hamtramck, Michigan back in the early 2000's as a sort of f-ed up performance art band. In the early days it was a completely shattered band. I mean even the gear was shattered-the snare drum was suspended in a metal trash can, zip-tied to the handles. So the early period the band was Dave and whoever. Then Dave reached out to Richard Wohlfeil after a while and said he wanted to regroup. Richie had sat in and jammed with him here and there, usually on drums, but Dave asked him to play guitar. That's when Dave stopped playing guitar in the band (he continued to write and play on his own developing his traditional repertoire (see Folk Blues Night No. 6 for some of that) but he said to Richie "I want you to play guitar and I want to just sing" so that's where they both started writing together, Richie on the music and Dave on the words, sometimes rehashing old songs, but mostly making up new ones. There was a short period of in and out band members and finally Richie asked if he could pick the rhythm section, and that's where the band has been ever since, with Charlie and Adam. Each mega interesting and accomplished in all they do. The band's motto is crash and burn as they have had repeated self destruction.
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