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FormatVinyl Maxi (12")
Catalog NumberLSM12 13
Release Date04/05/2024
CRAN is a punk band formed in 2018 in Paris & the surrounding suburbs. The band released an EP and an LP on "Une Vie Pour Rien", a label dedicated to French Oi! and punk. Originally starting as a fan-zine in 1997, the label formed and has released bands such as Lion's Law, Bromure, Traitre, 8.6 Crew and many others. Cran may best be described as Criminal Damage meets Blitz, with angry singing and committed lyrics. In addition to their debut EP and LP, they are also part of the compilations "Oi! The Album, Vol. 2" released in 2019 and "Paris on Oi!" released in 2022. Members of Cran have played in or are still members of the bands Claimed Choice, Rcidive, Harassment, Curare, Plomb, Prisionnier Due Temps and Lion's Law. In 2023 Cran toured Europe with Bton Arm, adding 14 dates to the 40 gigs they played that year in the UK, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Basque Country, Poland and Serbia. In April of 2024 Cran will embark on their first tour of the USA and in support of that, Longshot Music is very excited to issue a limited 12" EP (300 copies worldwide) with a screen-printed B-side, which will also be released by UVPR as a traditional 7" EP. FOR FANS OF: LIONS LAW | WARRIOR KIDS | BLITZ | CRIMINAL DAMAGE | RIXE | BISHOPS GREEN | CAMERA SILENS | KOMINTERN SECT
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