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FormatVinyl Single (7")
Catalog NumberHYP 44
Release Date06/28/2024
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Formed by Jet Wintzer and Jayne Gabriel in a motorway motel in Taunton, England on the first day of the new millennium, Schizo Fun Addicts first recording began with a demo in the shower stall, recorded with a primitive laptop and micro-cassette Dictaphone. Combining ultra-lo-fi vocals drenched in natural reverb with digital effects and beats, the sound was described by Paul Johnson in Uncut as invoking Brian Wilson writing for the Jesus and Mary Chain, "teetering on the knife edge between cohesion and collapse." Multiple glowing reviews in UK music magazines followed, including write-ups in NME, Mojo, Shindig!, Uncut, and Prog. In 2008, SFA were invited to be the first release on the now-legendary Fruits de Mer Records. The 7-inch single scored a key review by Ian McCann in Record Collector, which helped establish FDM as one of the premier vinyl labels of our time. Ilona Virostek has been singing, writing and playing with SFA since 2008. Her Nico vibes have now expanded, combining with Jayne's to invoke Shangri-Las drama with Brasil 66 cool beach vibes. Daniel Boivin handles percussion and drums by mixing his driving live kit with analog beats, birthing intoxicating indie dance grooves. Since 2018, SFA has been blessed with the legendary, iconic soaring guitars of Rex John Shelverton, who was signed to SubPop and RCA Records with VUE before co-founding TAMARYN and reinventing the shoegaze genre with his patented West Coast wall-of-ocean sound. His revolutionary production techniques bring SFA's vision of a whole new genre to life in pastel romantic Technicolor. We are honored, humbled & thrilled to join the psychedelic standard of the Hypnotic Bridge Records family.
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