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Your "User Name" is the name pointed in the subject of the most recent "B2B WEBSITE PASSWORD NOTIFICATION" e-mail. For example, if the subject of that e-mail was "B2B Website Password - SAMPLEUSR (20090130)", the "User Name" would be SAMPLEUSR. WARNING: do not use a numeric "Customer ID" value mentioned there as it is not a valid "User Name" for this website!

Your "User Name" can also be explicitly provided in the body of that e-mail as "Username".

Contact your sales rep, if you have not received any password notification e-mail yet.

Taking over a session might discard data prepared and not yet committed by someone else working in your account. If you have recently left this site without clicking "Log Out" or you work alone and your Internet connection often changes, you might be about to take over your own session now - this is usually safe. Make sure you do not have this site already open in another browser window.
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