Cobraside Distribution is a vinyl distributor based in Glendale, California, in Los Angeles County.

recordOur goal is to provide the maximum number of unique and interesting releases to independent music retailers, at a price and level of service which was previously unthinkable in the word of indie distribution.  We accomplish this miracle through the application of state of the art technology, and support it via our unique network of international suppliers.

Our catalog contains tens of thousands of items which are only released in other territories, and have no comparable release here in the USA. Our unique database technology, licensed from a European industry specialist zakop.com allows us to compare literally hundreds of thousands of releases from around the world, and filter out those releases which will be made available here in the States. This allows us to present to you a catalog of non-parallel import items, readily available and accurately maintained, at domestic or below-domestic prices.

We also represent selected European and domestic labels for independent distribution, and on these US labels, we make available an export catalog.

Our goal is to pass the maximum amount of useable information on to our client retailers, and allow you, rather than our own staff, to decide which releases will generate interest and sales in your own stores.  We seek to be the low-cost leader in import distribution, and to lower the "cost of entry" for smaller retailers. For example, we will pay all freight charges for any shipment over 20 items (via FedEx Ground), and we deal strictly on C.O.D. terms.

We invite you to contact us at contactus@cobraside.com with any questions, or visit our B2B site (please request a user name and password from one of our sales representatives). We also send out a weekly email update.

We sincerely look forward of being at your service.

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