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FormatVinyl LP (Album)
GenreAlternative Rock
Catalog NumberELHLP 150
Release Date07/21/2011
RemarksO Import 
With influences from the seventies, Pink Floyd and The Doors and an additional healthy wall of guitars Sungrazer walks the fine line between the hardrock of Motorpsycho and the groove of Monster Magnet. SUNGRAZER successful managed again to put their amazing intensity on tape and made a great leap forward. Although the Songs are very compact and often heavy-fuzzy, the album sounds completely relaxed and fluffy, what certainly due to the awesome vocals, which remind partially of the early QOTSA because of the easiness, but are sung a bit more convincingly. SUNGRAZER made it in no time at all to beat their highly acclaimed debut and to play the songs more to the point without surrender their brilliant adornment.
Track listings
Media 1
3. SEA
7. 34 & MORE...
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