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FormatVinyl Maxi (12")
GenreAlternative Rock
Catalog NumberDIAG 10
Diagonal Records continues its unstoppable run of form with the debut release of Bronze Teeth, a duo comprised of Factory Floor's Dominic Butler and Richard Smith, whose music under the L/F/D/M banner on Optimo Music and Clan Destine Trax seems similarly indebted to the heritage of Throbbing Gristle. Far from being a simple exercise in analogue fetishism however, the three-track O Unilateralis contains some of the most uncompromising tracks the label have put out to date, with the 12-minute centrepiece "Tapeworm" proving a punishing exercise in arcane synth improvisation that finds itself forming into a shambling piece of zombie techno. Both "Acetone" and "Glass Tooth" are more conventional in their attention to rhythm, but are no less likely to bend minds on the dancefloor, employing the kind of rhythms that bring Ike Yard to mind.
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