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Format2x Vinyl LP (Album)
GenreAlternative Rock
Catalog NumberSFTRI 801
Release Date02/08/2019
Gary Panter, emmy award winning designer of Pee Wee's Playhouse, RAW magazine's quintessential punk cartoonist and author/creator of JIMBO & Daltokyo, reveals to us through FOG WINDOW a big sky, dreamy and lysergic enveloping a landscape with a multitude of textures and tones with every turn resulting in a very colorful and at times, intimate musical journey. This MUSIC did not come out of nowhere.. Gary had collaborated with THE RESIDENTS on a double A side single "Tornader To The Tater/ Italian Sunglass Movie" in 1982 and the Pray For Smurph LP was released on Japanese label Overheat Records in 1983. After ONE HELL SOUNDWICH a split LP with longtime friend and cohort Jay Cotton was released by BLAST FIRST in 1989, Gary's musical output had summarily ceased. The current line up of the band now includes Lily Rogers and Curtis Godino of the band WORTHLESS who also share an interest in visual music. Curtis, a Joshua Lightshow alum helms his own lightshow operation called Drippy Eye Productions.Their contributions to the FOG WINDOW recordings cannot be underplayed. Lily's vocals characterize a fair majority of the sweetest songs on the album, and Curtis' presence is felt throughout whether it be the memorable guitar figures or lyrical keyboard contributions. I must point out that this double album is the result of three generations coming together and relating. That is relevant. That is progressive, and instead of adding more names to the current band moniker, they have all become FOG WINDOW. Lp comes with free "hippie" zine, FOG WINOW .
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