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FormatVinyl LP (Album)
GenreAlternative Rock
Catalog NumberLCR 76
Release Date11/06/2020
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Blacklisters formed in 2008, quickly earning a reputation as a formidable live act through aggressive, confrontational performances riddled with dark humor and drawing comparisons to The Jesus Lizard and Pissed Jeans. Blacklisters returned to Greenmount Studios in 2019 to record their third album, Fantastic Man. The new album strips back the band's sound and song structures to mirror their ferocious energy as a live band. It was recorded live, in one room, in one day. With the rough edges exposed and the years of touring and playing together apparent, Blacklisters have created an exhilarating, unapologetic album that pushes their strengths to the fore. They have achieved what they set out to do, to make an album that was two things: simple and massive. "There's a band called Blacklisters, from Leeds and they play this crazy hardcore music... they're just brilliant." - Simon Neil, Biffy Clyro "Buried beneath the noise and feedback is a tightly coiled sense of dynamics, punctuated by angular shards of guitar...splendidly fucked up" - Kerrang! "Mclusky being Pulled Apart By Horses" - NME Genre: Noise Rock, Punk, Math Rock, Grunge, Post Punk RIYL - Jesus Lizard, Unsane, Whores. Idles, Pissed Jeans First pressing is 300 copies on colored vinyl.
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