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Catalog NumberAR 110
Release Date11/20/2020
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'Novembrine Waltz' resulted in an even more melodic but also cleaner and quite more experimental product the band's previous effort. The band was evolving fast and the word 'prog' defines what Novembre was trying to achieve on every record they put out, and marking the way to go for future works. Was not easy to follow-up with a new record after such collection of avantgarde music context that 'Novembrine...' meant to be. As bringing new ideas to record takes some time for diehard musicians with innovative ideas, Novembre turned out to take more time and get some advantage out of it within the next move. One of the highlights is the Kate Bush's cover of 'Cloudbusting' featuring Ann-Mari Edwardsen from The 3rd And The Mortal on impressive vocal performing.
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