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GenreAlternative Rock
Catalog NumberSOULCD 109
Release Date05/18/2018
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Taking cue from live renditions, the structure of the album started to present itself early on. It was only a question of arranging it, structuring it, and constantly rebuilding it, before the whole extent of this endeavor started to crystalize. This album -- which is yet again presented as one long trip -- is spectacularly complex and utterly engaging. To record this beast of an album, BARST was blessed with contributions by among others: Niels Brown (Vonnis), Gregory Simons (Vonnis, Arise Fair Sun), Messy Mathi, Mathlovsky (Mathlovsky), Tokyo Oyo, William Lacalmontie (OVTRENOIR) and Mike Armine (Rosetta). Because BARST is always about stunning all the senses, Marlies De Smet from Teer Studio has expertly visualized the Endeavour. Let this gesamtkunstwerk pull you in, and engage in the Endeavour. For fans of: Swans, Rosetta, OVTRENOIR, A Place To Bury Strangers, 65daysofstatic, Slowdive, Mayhem, Burzum, Sun 0))), Death Grips, Dalek, Aphex Twin...
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