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GenreAlternative Rock
Catalog NumberTE 160
Release Date10/28/2016
Originally conceived as a duo between childhood friends Marisa Dabice and Thanasi Paul, Mannequin Pussy expanded to a three-piece for its critically acclaimed debut, GP. The Village Voice proclaimed the band "more vital than ever" while Rolling Stone's Rob Sheffield ranked it on his yearly Top 20, stating that GP was "the only album of 2014 I purchased in three formats." Following a move to Philadelphia, Mannequin Pussy has once again grown in numbers and strength. With the addition of Kaleen Reading (drums) and Colins Regisford (bass), the outfit has crafted Romantic, an instant classic that is its most cohesive, dynamic and addictive release to date. The quartet hasn't lost its "all killer, no filler" tag though; Romantic's 11 incredible tracks clock in at less than 20 minutes. And much like GP, the album shifts seamlessly back and forth between highly infectious, kinetic pop and no-holds-barred punk rock. However, the band has refined and ultimately solidified its songwriting with Romantic. The earworm melodies are bol- stered by tsunami-sized hooks while the more aggressive, brain-caving numbers leave a wake of sonic destruction. Romantic is not only the sound of Mannequin Pussy hitting its stride; it's a declaration of ascendancy.
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