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GenreAlternative Rock
Hailed by The Cult's Ian Astbury as "the biggest thing this century" when they exploded into existence in 1986, Zodiac Mindwarp And The Love Reaction were the most outrageous rock band on the planet, sex- and drug-driven metal mayhem drenched in leather, fur, and psychedelic swastika chic. Zodiac himself was incarnated by former comic illustrator and self-confessed acid casualty, Mark Manning. In FUCKED BY ROCK, Manning recalls astonishing, often shocking episodes and events from a decade of debauchery, derangement and brain-damaging excess. Illustrated throughout, FUCKED BY ROCK is the ultimate rock'n'roll testament, a scream from post-rock purgatory that will appeal not only to Zodiac Mindwarp's thousands of residual fans, but to anyone fascinated by the sex, drugs and mayhem of Rock n' Roll Babylon.
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