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FormatVinyl LP (Album)
Catalog NumberLITA 128
Release Date02/09/2016
Memphis' Larry "Gimmer" Nicholson still remains a great unknown today, despite his having orbited the periphery of the city's music scene since the early '60s, playing with artists ranging from Furry Lewis to William Eggleston and influencing a young Chris Bell (Big Star). The album was supposed to be the first full-length LP release on Ardent Records, but there were understandable concerns about the size of audience that might be waiting for a curious instrumental album such as this. Meanwhile, Gimmer put blocks in the road himself: he didn't like the original mixes or the sleeve and eventually decided he didn't want the album released at all. He got his way but, Manning argues, the influence of those chiming guitars can be heard in the sounds floating out of Memphis in the decades that followed-especially in Big Star. The album was recorded with Terry Manning (Big Star, Led Zeppelin), who having personally played it to luminaries including Jimmy Page, Manning was frustrated he couldn't get the album to a wider audience. "It was one of the best things I've been associated with-and it still is," he says. It was Manning who finally convinced Nicholson to release the album on CD in 1994 and who was talking about recording more with him when Gimmer passed away at just 54 years old in 2000. Now available on vinyl, it's Gimmer's time to chime-and shine-again.
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